William Orbit

Electronic Music

William Mark Wainwright, famously known as William Orbit, is an English musician, record producer and composer. He was born in London’s East End on December 15, 1956.

William didn’t have a decent education since he left school at the age of 15 and did most of his learning through self-education. At the age of 16, he was squatting in Norwich and worked as a strawberry picker during summer, other than that he devoted to playing the guitar. He also tried living in the squats of Europe and worked several jobs such as a motorbike messenger, hotel kitchen worker, accounts clerk, a night shift worker and a junior draftsman.

At the age of 23, he met Laurie Mayer wherein she just recently moved into a squat in one of Paddington’s abandoned primary schools. This building seems to be the perfect environment for live music to bloom. Meyer and Orbit then held mini-festivals in the school’s classrooms and workshop.

The Early Years

William Orbit and Laurie Mayer formed the band Torch Song. Miles Copeland (Record label owner and publisher) signed Torch Song to his IRS label way back in 1982. William then proceeded to work with Miles for his new album series, Strange Cargo.

William and Laurie have always been close friends and creative collaborators since they first met. In 2012, Laurie wrote the melodic top line for Madonna’s single “Falling Free” which was featured in her 12th album MDNA. Laurie’s creative zeal encouraged William and he proceeded on building a recording studio in Little Venice known as Guerilla Studios. Several famous clients have booked the facility and soon started creating remixes for various artists. The creation of these remixes was still free during that time until the word spread and then a reasonable amount was charged.

In 2013, he created his own YouTube channel wherein he experiments with film making as well as releasing music. He also performed a prototype concert on the 2013 Shoreditch as part of the London Electronic Arts Festival (LEAF). The event includes uses of mechanical and cybernetic music devices wherein it was developed by him along with his friend and fellow Torch Song band mate Rico Conning.

William has a new album which is due for release this 2014 and plans to tour with a live show. He also mentioned in an interview with M Magazine that he’ll be writing together with Adele for her 3rd studio album in early 2014.

DJ and Radio

There are certain occasions where William deejays using his hardcore techno set in several locations such as Thailand, Tokyo, Paris Siberia and many others. He even conducts lectures, master classes and made appearances on BBC World Service and BBC Radio discussing what his work is all about and guest editing arts and music programs.

William recently enabled an internet radio (streamcast) that allows audiences to listen to more than 10 hours of music for free. The playlists in streamcast are variations of his famous tracks as well as released material. The other thing that fans really appreciate in William’s internet radio is the rarity of materials that are often played.