Synth Strings and Rave in Electronica

Electronic Music

In this article we will review the works of Moby and The Prodigy. Two different sounds but has a large influence on the electronic music nowadays. Let’s look at the Synth Strings and the Rave in electronica music.


Moby, Richard Melville Hall, rose to fame in 1999 when he released his album “Play”. Although it was his first hit album, it also was the fifth one that he recorded in a studio. The album is largely influenced by electronic and house mix that gained Moby international success selling six thousand copies on its first week and 10 million copies worldwide. “Play” was such a success that even though it was released in 1999, it reentered the charts in 2000.

All of a sudden, Moby’s works were everywhere and his tracks were being used for commercials, movies and television programs. After “Play”, Moby released another album in 2002 entitled “18”. This was a success selling 5 million copies worldwide but others thought that it was a spinoff of “Play” and eventually this marked a decline for the rest of Moby’s album.

His album “Hotel” which was released in 2005, which is mainly influenced by alternative rock, sold out at only around 2 million copies worldwide followed by the release of “Last Night” in 2008, “Wait for me” in 2009 and “Destroyed” in 2011.

His latest album “Innocents” released in 2013 was co-produced with Mark “Spike” Spent, worked with the likes of Maddona and Muse, and features guest vocalist Wayne Coyne and Mark Lanegan in seven of the 12 tracks in the album.

“A case for shame” was the official lead single in the album. It features Cold Specks on vocals and generally gives you a serene feeling when you listen to it. If you want a stronger song and more heavenly sound, “Almost Home” sang by Damien Jurado accompanied by synth strings is the song for you. Overall, “Innocents” has this purity and heavenly feel to the whole album.

The Prodigy

Another major electronic music influence is the English group formed by Liam Howlett in 1990 called The Prodigy. The Prodigy is widely known for their different styles that encompass hardcore techno, breakbeat, rave and industrial music.

The release of “Charly” in 1991 catapulted the band in the public’s attention. This was a success in the rave scene and occupied the number 3 spot in the UK charts. The band’s first album, Experience, was a huge success commercially but unfortunately didn’t make it to the UK Charts. After the success of the single Charly and the album Experience, The Prodigy wanted to get away from the kiddie rave reputation that they have.

Following the Criminal Justice Act “Anti Rave” legislation, the Prodigy released their single, “Their Law” as a response. Since the release of “Their Law”, the Prodigy released singles such as “Earthbound I” and “One Love” that hit the UK charts and was widely accepted in the underground scene.

The Prodigy’s second album “Music for the Jilted Generation” garnered positive criticism and landed at number one in the UK album charts at number one.  This was followed by the UK singles Chart number one song “Firestarter” form their album “The Fat of the Land”. Their latest album “Invaders Must Die” features their old school, cutting edge roots.