The Emergence of Electronic Music

Electronic Music

In today’s modern technology, almost everything adapts to that change even music. As for the music genre that incorporates the use of technology to produce the tracks, it is considered as electronic music. Electronic music is a form of genre where the musical instruments are edgy and needs hi-tech equipment in order to be created.

Electronic music is popular amongst the young generation right now. It is the genre that is commonly referred to whenever music is produced using electronic devices. But despite its popularity to this day, the genre is already popular even a hundred years ago.

How Electronic Music Came to Be

In 1897, Thaddeus Cahill was the one who created the tele harmonium wherein it was considered as the first electronic instrument. The only problem about this machine is that it weighs about 7 tons and its size is as big as a boxcar. It is originally designed to be listened using telephone receivers. Cahill came up with the idea of broadcasting music using the phone and send it across hotels, homes and restaurants.

After World War II ended, the production of these electronic devices went crazy. The reason behind is the invention of primitive synthesizers and tape recorders. Some composers even thought of possibilities that they can produce sounds and compositions which can’t be done in normal instruments. It was then in 1957 that the American Max Matthews who started producing music using computers.

During the early 70s, the Germans also engage in experimenting with other forms of electronic music. One of the most notable groups during that time who were using it was Kraftwerk. They are very influential when it comes to developing electronic music. They had a successful album called Autobahn wherein it incorporated the use of that medium and later on continued with the many possibilities that it can offer.

In the early 80s, electronic instruments are becoming more advanced since most of them have gone from analog to digital. However, the modernization of these instruments didn’t come at a cheap price since the first samplers were prized at around $100,000. Famous groups who were a big influence to using electronic music at that time were The Human League, Depeche Mode and New Order. During that year, Detroit was famous for the techno music that it brings and Chicago for the house music.

In the 90s, a price drop among these musical instruments has occurred making it accessible for anyone who wants to give it a try. It even became such a huge hit when computers were introduced since it can be a great instrument to produce this kind of music. This is definitely the time period where almost every artist starts to engage in creating music with this kind of genre.

During the year 2000 – 2010, computers and other devices are becoming more advanced that almost anyone who doesn’t have much experience on using instruments can produce electronic music. There are lots of software that can help create certain sounds thus making electronic music production much more accessible. Just by having a laptop, an artist will be able to produce tunes that will surely be good enough to be considered as electronic music.

Famous Electronic Music Artists

Daft Punk – Famous for their helmet and robot-like attire, Daft Punk has brought French House to the world and they are a big influence in shaping the electronic music industry. Without a doubt, Daft Punk is considered to be the best electronic duo of this generation.

Deadmau5 – Both fans and artists brand him as the “Kanye West” of the genre because of his ego but he is a genius in crafting his art. His progressive style in crafting music based on his creativity will surely give him the potential of a future legend.

Skrillex – He is mostly famous for producing the sub genre of electronic music which is dubstep. The best thing about Skrillex is that he also knows how to create and mix music thus making his tracks sound like kick-ass.

The Prodigy – They are branded as one of the few artists who are a pioneer of the big beat genre. Some of the famous style that this group make use of are hardcore techno, jungle, rave, industrial and breakbeat.

Aphex Twin – He is very famous for creating music that is both emotional and amazing. The way he makes music really changed the electronica genre because he is one of the artists who create music to express himself.

Zedd – His style of delivering music makes him a stand out among other artists. The best and most notable thing about Zedd is that he mostly works with singers and let them do vocals for his music.

Owl City – Listening to Owl City’s music definitely makes listeners be in a state of euphoria. You will surely hear mesmerizing melodies, clever lyrics and waves of emotion throughout his tracks.

Kraftwerk – If it wasn’t for this group from Germany, electronic music wouldn’t have existed today. Being the pioneers of electronic music surely has made them the best even up to this day.

Nero – This British electronic group is mostly famous for the remixes that they make. Their dubstep tracks are what made them such a huge hit among electronic music fans.

Justice – The best music that they produce is mostly Hard Rock Electro and they are considered as the new electro. Their presence cannot be easily ignored especially when their beat drops amongst the crowd.

In this generation, you can definitely see that more and more electronic artists are joining the scene and it’s being played a lot in clubs. Each artist who is producing in this genre will continue to create their own style thus making it a very progressive one. There is no doubt that electronic music will continue to exist for a very long time especially that it is very dependent to the evolution of technology. In time, more sub-genres of electronic music will be on the rise and will soon become the defining music of the future.

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